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Story Organizer At a Glance

360° Characters

A creation process that will help you explore your character’s physicality, psyche, and literary role. 

Flexible World Building

Dive into every aspect of your world, be it a cozy town in Europe or a totally alien landscape. 

Never Lose an Idea

Organize all your ideas with tags and quick search, so they’ll always be a single mouse-click away. 

Track Your Timeline

Keep a clear visual of what happens when with flexible typed events. Add color for easy scanning. 

Picture Anything

Create your on-topic gallery and connect your images to any other object, making visuals a click away.

Plot Scenes

Build your story with acts, chapters, and scene cards, and rearrange with easy drag-and-drop. 

Harness Two New Superpowers

Link Anything to Anything

Tie a character to a timeline event, link it with a gallery image, and connect it to your 7th scene card. Then, using QuickView, jump between these elements with a single tap – all without losing your place in the work process.

Inject a Touch of Randomness

Stuck on a specific question? Looking for surprising inspiration? Our questions come packed with random generators for ordinary people and alien/super people. Break through the predictable mundane to reach the truly fascinating! 

The Stories You Can Plan With Plotter's Paradise

Main Features

Manage Endless Ideas

Record all your ideas and sort through them using tags or textual search.

Out of ideas? Use our built-in idea generator with over 2,700,000 combinations that will jump-start your muse.

Cast Compelling Characters

Create complex characters with strong presence, authentic behavior, and meaningful character arcs.

Explore your characters in depth with over 70 detailed questions and endless options.

Craft Rich Settings

Use 18+ types of guided articles to flesh out your world’s locations, nature and magic, people and society, and history. 

Build any settings, from cozy romance towns, through fast-paced thriller cities, all the way to elaborate imaginary worlds.

Build Your Timeline

Track all kinds of events in a comprehensive timeline that will save you from the worst of continuity issues. 

Filter events by text, type, or related characters to gain full control of your novel’s in-world history. 

Curate Limitless Galleries

Attach images to ideas, characters, world settings, stories, and timeline events.

Add titles, descriptions, and tags to each gallery item, and filter by them, so that you can locate the image you need at the moment you need it. 

Plot Stories

Create stories with multiple acts and scene cards. Easily re-order scenes and bundle them into chapters.

With guided act and scene creation, every story arc and scene you create will pull its weight and do its job: to take your readers on a meaningful journey. 

Go Even Bigger

Write an epic series or a collection of short stories that share characters and settings. Bundle these collections in a single notebook to keep your writing notes in order. Manage as many notebooks as you wish, each with its own cover image! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whom is it for?

    Plotter’s Paradise is for all serious plotters out there. You know who you are. It’s a tool super-charged with efficiency, organization, and inter-connections.

    If you’re a plotter, you’ll love it. If you’re not sure, perhaps you should begin with NovelChick, our friendly novel planner. 

  • I *need* this story organizer. When will it be ready?

    We’re working hard on putting the final touches on this beast of a project. We expect to go live early in June 2024. Join the waiting list now for early access!

  • What's with the cat?

    Meet Sunny, our friendly mascot cat of Plotter’s Paradise. She will escort you throughout the application and root for you when you need it the most. See her there!