The online novel-planner that will teach you to plot

Every writer could use a handy tool to help with building a powerful novel.

Meet NovelChick.

NovelChick is the perfect cross between an online plotting tool and a step-by-step written course on characters, worldbuilding, and plot outlines.

Develop interesting, authentic characters that can walk off the page. Craft immersive worlds that will suck your readers in and never let go. Connect the dots with a powerful story plot that will deliver on the promise of your story.

Leave behind the blank-page syndrome, the writer's block, and the massive rewrites of a plot gone wrong. Take control of your story. Plan it with NovelChick online. 

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"Amazingly helpful! Really helped me get into my characters’ heads which improved my novel 100%. I can’t wait to see new features as they are developed!"
Katie Marie
Published Writer
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