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Why chase editors when The Best Ones can come to you?

We hear you. Standing out among an avalanche of self-published books is never a simple task. But before you start marketing, give your fiction story its best chance at success. Get it edited by a professional that will burnish your words until they blaze in the minds of your readers.

Where do you find that editor?

Leave it to us.

We'll call on our network of professional, hand-picked editors and tempt them to work on your story. You'll receive 4-10 editing samples of your story excerpt, along with quotes for the full work. Compare them. Choose the best. Then contact the best editor for you and close the deal. Simple! 

1. Sign Up

Upload your excerpt, enter your genres and total word count, pay, and hit send! We're on it before you can say "line editing."

2. Sit Tight

We'll contact suitable editors from our network of hand-picked professionals and get them to edit your excerpt and provide a full quote. 

3. Pick Your Match!

Read through the 4-10 sample edits, choose the perfect editor for you, and contact them to close a deal with the quote they provided. 

When You Do It Yourself...

You can try to hunt for the perfect editor yourself. Here's what you'll have to do:

  1. Search the internet or ask for recommendations.
  2. Choose one name you find and hope they're reliable. 
  3. Contact the editor and ask if they're available.
  4. If they're available, ask if they're interested in editing your story. 
  5. If they're interested, ask if they give a sample edit.
  6. If they do, submit your excerpt and wait to hear from them.
  7. When you get your sample edit, discuss prices and timeframes.
  8. Miss out on other editors that might be even better for you.
  9. And of course, if any of these steps go wrong, start the entire process again...

Don't try this at home!

When We Do It For You!

Our service will save you time, effort, risk, and disappointment. Here's how we do it:

  1. You submit a sample of 3,000 words from the beginning of your fiction story.
  2. We call on our network of hand-picked, professional editors to provide their feedback.
  3. The editors who love your story prepare a sample edit of your excerpt.
  4. We deliver all these high-quality samples to you, along with price quotes for the entire story.
  5. You choose the option that fits you the most, and contact that editor with peace of mind.
  6. Success!
Find Your Perfect Editor
Invest in the future of your novel
Get 4-10 editing samples and quotes
Choose the best editor for you
No good match? Get a full refund!

Important Notes

  1. While you're under no obligation to contact any of the editors you hear from, please, only apply if you're serious about hiring an editor.
  2. This service is for writers who need a good line editor/proofreader. It is not suitable if your manuscript needs substantive editing, such as developmental editing or structural editing, or fact checking. 
  3. The fee we collect is separate from the fee your chosen editor will charge you. For the latter, you will work out the terms of payment directly with your chosen editor according to their quote.
  4. Your story must be 10,000 words or more.
  5. Refund is available within 14 days once we provide the editing samples. 

You and your novel deserve the best shot at publishing success. Make the most of this investment now!

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