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What Every Writer Should Consider

Are Your Characters Compelling Enough?

Ever feel like your characters lack depth, freshness, or that special spark that keeps readers turning the pages?

Or maybe you’re not sure how to approach developing fascinating characters?

Welcome to “Write the Next Famous Novel Character,” a comprehensive online workshop that will help you turn your readers into die-hard fans. 

We believe every writer has a legion of memorable characters inside of them, waiting to be unleashed.

Let’s unleash yours.

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Section 1—Crafting Compelling Characters

  • Introduction & structure
  • The importance of great characters in fiction
  • Different types of characters
  • Day 1 assignment
  • Physical appearance and personality traits
  • Identifying character desires, goals, and needs
  • Exploring the character’s beliefs and values
  • Developing a character’s fears and flaws
  • Day 2 assignment
  • Filling out the backstory
  • Crafting a character’s internal and external conflicts
  • Aligning characters with the story’s theme and genre
  • Day 3 assignment
  • Voice and tone in character dialogue
  • Revealing character through speech patterns and word choices
  • Techniques for differentiating characters’ voices
  • Day 4 assignment

Section 2—The Perfect Story Arc for Your Character

  • Three types of character arcs
  • The Hero’s Journey and its application to character arcs
  • Mapping out a character’s journey through the story
  • Day 5 assignment
  • The role of conflict and tension in character-driven stories
  • Balancing character goals with obstacles and challenges
  • Incorporating subplots to enrich character development
  • Day 6 assignment
  • Identifying turning points and moments of growth for characters
  • Showing character growth through actions, dialogue, and thoughts
  • Ensuring a satisfying character transformation by the story’s end
  • Day 7 assignment

Section 3—Orchestrating Your Full Cast

  • The role of secondary characters in the story
  • Developing well-rounded supporting characters
  • Utilizing supporting characters to enhance the main character’s journey
  • Day 8 assignment
  • Exploring different types of character relationships
  • Building tension and conflict within relationships
  • Demonstrating character growth through evolving relationships
  • Day 9 assignment
  • Establishing characters’ roles within the story’s setting
  • Weaving character backstories and histories into the world
  • Using world-building to create meaningful interactions
  • Day 10 assignment

Section 4—Writing and Editing Your Character

  • Aligning character actions with motivations and goals
  • Showing character emotions through actions and reactions
  • Balancing internal and external character struggles
  • Day 11 assignment
  • Techniques for crafting natural and engaging dialogue
  • Using dialogue to reveal character and advance the plot
  • Balancing dialogue with narrative and description
  • Day 12 assignment
  • Assessing character consistency throughout the story
  • Strengthening character voices and motivations during revision
  • Identifying and addressing character inconsistencies
  • Day 13 assignment
  • The importance of developmental editors and beta readers
  • Soliciting specific feedback on character development and believability
  • Incorporating feedback to refine and improve your characters

Final Thoughts and Next Steps

Behind The SCenes

Meet Your Instructor & Editor

Meet Tal Valante, your dedicated instructor and editor for this knowledge-packed journey. Tal brings a wealth of experience to the table, having honed her developmental editing craft in two publishing houses and as a freelance editor.

Her writing experience comes from numerous workshops, including the legendary Robert McKee’s “Story” seminar, and from working as a freelance ghostwriter. 

“Tal was by far the most remarkable editing experience I’ve ever had… She has no weaknesses in developmental analysis—everything from character arcs to world building is made better with her involvement.”
Rachel Haimowitz
Author of "Counterpoint" and "Crescendo"


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No! You can advance at your own pace. The lessons are in writing, so you can read them and complete your assignments whenever you have the time, as long as it’s within 90 days of the release of the last lesson. 

The 90-day deadline (the time period in which you can submit your assignments) is designed to help you make the most of this workshop. Without a firm deadline, some writers will never get around to doing their assignments…

Lessons will begin on June 5th, 2023 and continue daily, Monday through Friday. 

This workshop is digital only. You will receive all lessons at your email inbox.

If you choose the Full Workshop plan, you will communicate back and forth with the lecturer and editor via email. 

Following every lesson, you’ll have the chance to submit a single list of questions that pertain to that lesson, and get them answered by the lecturer. 

The assignments will walk you through the process of crafting an engaging, multi-dimensional character that can hold a great novel on its shoulders. You will receive feedback from a professional editor on every assignment you submit.  

The lessons and feedback  you’ll receive come from Tal Valante, founder of Litwise Ltd. and a professional editor with over a decade’s experience. 

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