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Want to write a novel, not sure how?

Go from Aspiring to Inspiring Writer

With our series of elite courses on writing fiction

Unforgettable Characters

Character-Driven Stories

an Immersive Story

Deep Dive Lessons

We never teach formulas, templates, or shortcuts. Instead, we unlock for you unlimited possibilities and stories.

Professional Expert Feedback

Each course comples complete with mentoring, coaching, and professional editorial feedback.

Holistic Approach

Create multi-dimensional characters, find the best story to showcase them, and let their voice guide your writing.

Advance at Your Own Pace

Once we open our courses, you'll have free, immediate access to all lesson materials. Advance whenever you want!

Hands-on Assignments with Feedback

Apply what you learn to our creative assignments and receive professional, live feedback on your work.

Great Entry Point to Writing

You need no previous experience or knowledge. We'll give you all the tools you'll need to master these courses.

Return on Investment

Master writing skills that will serve you for life and help you craft as many 5-star novels as you'd like.

Commit to Excellence

Invest in your writing skills, put in the work, and watch your skills skyrocket and your writing win fans.

Meet Your Instructor

Tal Valante

Author of All My Crimes and Mindscape, professional developmental & style editor of 7+ years, ghostwriter, ex-publisher, and founder & CEO of Litwise, an award-winning company since 2018.

Reviews from students in our pilot program

Emily Thompson
February 2023 Pilot Program
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I never realized there was so much to learn about characters. I used to just hunt the web for a good lookalike, and that was that. Now I know much better, I could swear these characters are almost alive on my laptop!
Jacob Rivera
February 2023 Pilot Program
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The one sentence that really blew me away was that every character is actually a hero in their own world, even your villain. Then, when I sat down to craft my villain, I could do it so much better. I think I now have a character that readers would love to hate, ha ha.
Lucy Higgins
February 2023 Pilot Program
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This course really transformed the way I think about my characters. I've learned so much! And the feedback on my assignments was so insightful and eye opening.
Andrea Clayton
February 2023 Pilot Program
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The funny thing is that I thought at first that the editing on my assignments would be boring. Wow. Totally wrong. It's so much value packed into one course. It really helped me shape my hero for my first novel.


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Of course you can. Choose whichever course you think will advance you the most. 

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