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We get it: not everyone can pay the price of premium courses. We don’t care if it’s a temporary budget issue or some bureaucratic complexity. We believe everyone deserve a chance to learn.

That’s why we’ve started a new program called:

Learning is for Everyone

When you enter this program, you become an Ambassador of Litwise. And in return for your ambassadorial efforts, we reward you with Litbits.

Earn enough Litbits, and you can use them to pay for a complete course. No other payment method required.

Sounds easy? It’s easier than you might think. You need only 3 referrals in order to earn a completely free course. 

How it Works

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Create your free account with Litwise Advance and receive a unique Ambassador link


Share your Ambassador link to earn Litbits whenever someone purchases a course


When you have enough Litbits, use them to pay for your entire course!

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1st Ambassador Sale

Motivate 1 person to purchase a Litwise Advance course


2nd Ambassador Sale

Motivate 2 people to purchase a Litwise Advance course


3rd Ambassador Sale

Motivate 3 people to purchase a Litwise Advance course


Unlock a FREE Course

Redeem your Litbits for a free course!

Frequently Asked Questions

First you can enter the first lesson for free to see if the course holds interest. But we’re not asking you to recommend the course. You can simply share that you’re interested in taking it, or say that you’ve discovered Litwise Advance and it looks interesting.

Every course has at least one sample lesson that you can read for free. Liked it? Trust us, the rest of the course is full of more essential information and tips in the same spirit.

Every person who purchases a course using your link grants you a whopping 40% in Litbits. You need only 97 Litbits to enter a $97 course. That means that if three people purchase a course from your Ambassador link, you’re all settled—with change!

An Ambassador link is a special link that contains an ID number. When you share that link, and someone clicks it, their following actions (like registration or purchase) are “awarded” to you, and you are rewarded for them.

Click “My Account” at the top to sign up or log in. Once you’re logged in, look for “My Litbits” in the account menu and click it. You’ll see a banner with your code, and a button that copies the code to your clipboard. That’s all! You’re all set to share your code.

Anywhere it is allowed to do so. Your FB profile, for example, or your FB page. Some FB groups allow promotion, but many don’t, so check their rules before you post there. Twitter and Instagram are also great places to spread the word. If you dislike social media, you could simply email or text the link to your friends.

Whatever you decide to share, make sure it includes your referral link, or you won’t receive any Litbits for it. 

You could share a sentence like this:

I just discovered Litwise Advance for writers, and they sound interesting. Check them out at… (add your Ambassador link).

On Twitter, for example, something like this might work:

I want to take a writing course at Litwise Advance (add your Ambassador link) #FictionWorkshop #WritingWorkshop #WritersCommunity

Don’t worry, we’re in the process of creating many more writing courses you can enjoy with your earned Litbits. Coming soon!

Every one of our courses was crafted with much effort, time, and professional know-how. Please respect that, the same way we respect your time and connections by rewarding you for sharing our word. Thanks!

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