About Litwise

Our vision is for every person to benefit from the power of literature, whether by reading or by writing.

We believe literature can make a change for the better in the world. The written word can sharpen minds, teach compassion and tolerance, open up new horizons, and much more.

Everything we do at Litwise is aimed at making fiction writing more accessible and powerful than always. We can’t wait to see the stories you come up with.

Meet the Team

Tal Valante

Founder & CEO

Tal has a dual passion in life: fiction and programming. Over the years she has served as a programmer, a publisher, an author, a ghostwriter, an editor, and a web developer.

In 2018, she decided to merge her two passions and created Litwise Ltd., a business dedicated to promoting literature. She’s at her best when pitting her skills against obstacles and conquering them. Challenges? Yum!

Maria Manevich

Chief Editor

Maria’s love for linguistics is as strong as her love for literature. Equipped with super-sensitive language sensors, she can dive into every sentence and tease apart subtleties and nuances until the intended meaning shines through clear and strong.

In her free time, Maria enjoys putting together Lego sets with her son and tie-dyeing shirts using surprising materials. She’s a regular MacGyver.

Mij Moscovich

Creative Consultant

A voracious reader of many genres, Mij enjoys taking apart complex stories and studying their themes and the messages they convey (whether intentionally or not).

When they’re not reading one book or another, they’re listening to podfics or trying to herd the masses of story ideas that always knock on the door of their imagination. Sleep? Pffft. That’s for amateurs.

Sansa the Cat

Bug Hunter

A dedicated office-cat, Sansa—who is emphatically not named after any fictional character—is the ultimate team mascot.

Her job includes keeping up morale, hunting down bugs, and keeping the team alert with impromptu ambushes.

Empowering writers. Engaging readers.