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We believe that literature is an essential tool for shaping a positive, compassionate, and intelligent future for humanity. Our vision is to create a global center of excellence for the crafters of the written word. If you’re a writer, a reader, or a publisher, you’re part of our mission. Join us!

The Plot

ACT 1: Technology for Writers & Readers

Let our apps aid you in your writing,
book marketing, and more.

Book Search Engine

This search engine will help writers find their perfect readers, and readers find their perfect next read. It will revolutionize the book discovery landscape. You’re going to love it as much as we do. This app will go into development in 2020.

Personal Writing Coach

Every writer needs a push now and then. This personal writing helper will help you catapult your word count to a whole new level. Just wait until you try it with your friends. This app will go into development in 2021.

ACT 2: Re:Fiction Academy

There’s so much to the art of writing, from mastering skills to getting published and marketing your works. Our academy will make the learning process affordable, effective, and most importantly, enjoyable. 

Until we finish recruiting our staff and building our platform, enjoy Litwise’s free magazine on fiction writing, where you will find how-to articles, author interviews, and our free-to-enter monthly writing contest.

ACT 3: Social Writing Projects

Being a writer is hard work. We want to recognize and reward those who toil in the endless quest for literary excellence. While writing is its own reward, professional recognition is a sweet pause nonetheless. 

Our literary awards will feature new and established writers of diverse voices in various genres. We’re gearing towards launching this program in 2020, so keep writing and keep an eye on this space.


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