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Re:Fiction, our online magazine for fiction writers, has served the writing community from 2016 to 2020, and is still a valuable resource for writers.

Among its sections are detailed how-to articles, writing prompts, and community spotlights.
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Representation Matters! Bringing Diversity to Children’s Literature

Storytelling is in our human bones. It has evolved as part of our functional biology, and we rely on it as a means of survival since the hunter-gatherer days. Stories promote social learning, teach us conflicts and various resolutions, and pass on the lessons learned by older generations. As primates who constantly need to process […]

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The Legacy That Writers Leave Behind

When I was a little girl, I devoured animal books: Adams’ Watership Down, Sewell’s Black Beauty, Gallico’s Jenny, everything by James Herriot. These books taught me that every creature has a soul. They inspired me to start a “cat patrol” in my neighborhood and feed stray cats. I used to spend my entire allowance on […]

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