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About Us

Litwise is committed to promoting literature worldwide,
and with it knowledge, diversity, tolerance, and compassion.

Our vision is threefold:

Literary Technology

Litwise is developing a line of technological solutions for writers, readers, and publishers. These applications will help writers to write more and sell their works, readers to connect better with the written word, and publishers to acquire better works and gain more exposure. Empublish is the first such application and is already under active development.

Literature Schools

We want to bring literature to everyone. Writing, even fiction, is a crucial skill for expressing and exploring yourself. We want to gather the best teachers and offer accessible, affordable classes to all ages and walks of life. From children at risk to pensioners, we believe everyone can and should benefit from a connection with literature. Our magazine, Re:Fiction, where free resources are offered to writers, is a good start.

Literary Awards

Hard work and talent should be rewarded. We want to discover promising new writers and help them advance along their literary path. We want to cherish and acknowledge veteran writers. True writers write because of the fire that burns in their souls. We want to nurture and fan that fire wherever we can reach it.

What We Can Do Together



Magical Websites for Authors


You need a website to showcase your works, but technology seems to hate you. With Empublish, the struggle is over. Useful, powerful, and above all, friendly, Empublish will save you hours of frustration on the way to a professional website that will sell more of your works.

Empublish will launch an invitation-only preview in November 2018.
Invitations will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.



The Fiction Writing Magazine

Few writers are born perfect. The rest of us have to constantly hone our skills, practice, seek inspiration, pitch submissions, and market our works. Learn to do all that and more with Re:Fiction, a free online magazine sponsored by Litwise.


Our Company Values

We will live and breathe literature and celebrate it in all its forms. Our technology will assist writers to write more, write better, get published, and promote their works. It will assist readers reconnect with the written word and discover amazing works of literature.

Always striving for
literary precision
Encouraging diverse,
genuine voices
Practicing tolerance
and compassion

Inspiring writers. Engaging readers.

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