Empowering writers. Engaging readers.

Our Core Values

Our work is based on these four principles:

01. Engaging

Reconnecting people of all ages with the written word.

02. Widening

Promoting open-mindedness and compassion through literature.

03. Listening

Providing a literary platform for a diversity of voices.

04. Enriching

Cultivating and rewarding writing talent in all its shapes.

In The Making

Our vision for the coming three years.

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Behind the Scenes

Tal Valante

Tal's business life revolves around two passions: literature and computers. They may seem worlds apart, but in Tal's view, they're one and the same.

Her attraction to literature is easy to explain: Tal's father is a bookseller, and she grew up surrounded by books. No wonder she picked up the pen (well, keyboard) and started writing herself. To date she has published two science fiction and fantasy novellas and a nonfiction book. She’s always hard at work engineering fantasy worlds and torturing her characters to the breaking point (where their true, heroic nature can shine).

Enter Tal's natural affinity for computers, and especially for programming languages. "They're just like any other language," Tal says. "They can be used to tell interesting stories, and that's what I love about them." Tal graduated cum laude from Tel Hai Academic College in Israel with a B.A. in computer science and economics.

Literature and computers meet constantly in Tal's life. She's co-owner and webmaster of Riptide Publishing; a blogger about all things creative writing; and the driving force behind Readership Pro, a revolutionary website builder for writers (still in development).

Tal shares her home with Sansa the cat. In her spare time—which she insists does exist, despite all evidence to the contrary—she enjoys devouring stories in various forms: books, movies, and even games. In particular, you can get her talking forever with a few well-placed words such as "Babylon 5" (the TV show) and "Assassin's Creed" (the video game). A word of caution, though: "forever" means just that...

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